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A new generation of T-1060BF has a number of new technologies and systems that will help you to improve efficiency significantly and bring competitive advantage. It has the function of automatic separation of pressing boards with two sets of waste clearing. Regardless of how the layout of the printing and the use of what kind of substrate, can be used in high-speed operation to clear the waste, as well as to ensure the orderly separation of finished products. The stripping chase adopts pneumatic automatic lifting up and down, and is provided with a standard quick-lock device and a center-line positioning function, which can make the preparation operation more quick and convenient. The front and back operation interfaces use 19 inches LED touch screens, making the most complex settings become simple and intuitive, to maximize the efficiency of the equipment.

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    Standard devices and features

    1. FEEDER

    High quality MABEG feeder head imported from Germany(option), 4 pick-up suckers and 4 forward suckers, ensure stable and fast feeding.
    Pre-loading device to feed paper without stopping the machine, maximum stack height 1600mm
    Pre-loading tracks help the operator push paper stack to feeding position accurately and conveniently.
    Side lays can be adjusted to fit different paper.
    Paper transferred to the front lay will slow down to ensure accurate positioning.
    Transferring plate is stainless steel imported from Germany to make the paper conveying smooth and fast.



    Precise and stable control of die cutting pressure, controlled by FUJI servo motor
    Easy to use graphic interface by 19 inch touch screen with precision up to 0.01mm.
    Die-cutting chase and plate are locked by pneumatic cylinder from Japanese SMC, with misplace sensors to avoid damage caused by human factors.
    Die-cutting chase adopts the center-line system for fast positioning , so that the operator don’t need to consider the left-right position of the die board.
    Die-cutting boards of non-standard size can also be installed by using auxiliary tools to facilitate applicability of customers’ cutting boards from different models .
    Gripper bar, of special aluminum alloy , the surface after oxidation treatmentadopts double-cam opening method to release the paper during running. It can reduce the inertia of paper to collect the thin paper in order easily.



    Pneumatic lifting stripping chase
    Center-line system and quick-lock device for stripping board to achieve quick job changing
    Stripping chase position memorization.


    Center-line system and quick-lock device for blanking board to achieve quick job changing
    One button for sample sheet taking, easier for inspection of quality.
    Intelligent operation from monitor to choose different mode of inserting sheet.



    Non-stop delivery unit.a


    Automatic paper pile transfer, transfer working pallet to delivery unit, then place the empty pallet to wait for proceeding, can reduce manual intervention and ensures non-stop delivery.


    6. WORK FLOW



    Maximum paper size 1060*760 mm
    Minimum paper size 400*350 mm
    Maximum cutting size 1060*745 mm
    Maximum Die-cutting plate size 1075*765 mm
    Die-cutting plate thickness 4+1 mm
    Cutting rule height 23.8 mm
    First die-cutting rule 13 mm
    Gripper margin 7-17 mm
    Cardboard spec 90-2000 gsm
    Cardboard thickness 0.1-3 mm
    Corrugated spec ≤4 mm
    Maximum working pressure 350 t
    Maximum die-cutting speed 7500 S/H
    Feeding board height (incl. pallet) 1800 mm
    Non-stop feeding height(incl. pallet) 1300 mm
    Delivery height(incl. pallet) 1400 mm
    Main motor power 18 kw
    Whole machine power 24 kw
    Voltage 600V 60Hz 3ph v
    Cable thickness 16 mm²
    Air pressure requirement 6-8 bar
    Air consumption 300 L/Min

    Outsource list for key components

    Configurations Country of origin
    Feeding unit  
    Jet-feeding Mode  
    Feeder head German Mabeg
    Pre-loading device, Non-stop feeding  
    Front & side lay photocell induction  
    Light guard protecting device  
    Vacuum pump German Becker
    Pull/push switch type side guide  
    Die-cutting unit  
    Die chase German FESTO
    Centre line alignment system  
    Gripper mode adopt latest double cam tech Japan
    Pre-stretched high quality chain German
    Torque limiter and index gear box drive Japan Sankyo
    Cutting plate pneumatic ejecting system  
    Automatic lubrication and cooling  
    Automatic chain lubrication system  
    Main motor German SIEMENS
    Paper miss detector German LEUZE
    Stripping unit  
    3-way stripping structure  
    Centre line alignment system  
    Pneumatic lock device  
    Quick lock system  
    Bottom feeder  
    Blanking delivery unit  
    Non-stop delivery  
    Delivery motor German NORD
    Finishing product delivery motor German NORD
    Waste collecting motor Shanghai
    Secondary delivery motor German NORD
    Automatic delivery stack switch function  
    Automatic feeding device German FESTO
    Feeding air sucker motor  
    Electronic parts  
    High quality electrical components EATON/OMRON/SCHNEIDER
    Safety controller German PILZ safety module
    Main monitor 19 inch AMT
    Secondary monitor 19 inch AMT
    Switch German MOELLER
    Low-voltage distribution German MOELLER


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