We adopts the advanced production solution and 5S management standard. from R&D, purchasing, machining,assembling and quality control, every process strictly follow standard. With a rigid system of quality control, each machine in the factory should pass the most complex checks tailored individually for related customer entitled to enjoy the unique service.

Metal Coating and Printing Equipment incl. oven and curing equipment

  • UV Oven

    UV Oven


    Drying system is applied in the last cycle of metal decoration, curing printing inks and drying lacquers, varnishes.


  • Metal printing machine

    Metal printing machine


    Metal printing machines work in line with the drying ovens. Metal printing machine is modular design extending from one color press to six colors enabling multiple colors printing to be realized at high efficiency by CNC full automatic metal print machine. But also fine printing at limit batches at customized demand is our signature model. We offered customers specific solutions with turnkey service.


  • Refurbishment Equipment

    Refurbishment Equipment


    Brand:Carbtree Two Color Printing

    Size: 45inch


    Manufacturer of origin:UK


  • ARETE452 Coating Machine for Tinplate and Aluminum Sheets

    ARETE452 Coating Machine for Tinplate and Aluminum Sheets


    ARETE452 coating machine is indispensable in a metal decoration as the initial base coating and final varnishing for tinplate and aluminum. Widely applied in three-piece can industry ranging from food cans, aerosol cans, chemical cans, oil cans, fish cans to ends, it helps users to realize higher efficiency and cost-saving by its exceptional gauging precision, scrapper-switch system, low maintenance design.

  • Consummables


    Integrated with metal printing and coating
    projects, a turnkey solution about related consumable parts, material and
    auxiliary equipment are also offered at your demand. Apart from the main consumable
    listed as follows, please check with us your other demands by mail.


  • Conventional Oven

    Conventional Oven


    Conventional Oven is the indispensable in the coating line to work with a coating machine for base coating preprint and varnish postprint. It is also an alternative in the printing line with conventional inks.