Composite Printing Cip4 Waste Removal Function” Is The Trend Of The Printing Industry In The Future

01 What is co-printing?

O-printing, also called imposition printing, is to combine the same paper, the same weight, the same number of colors, and the same print volume from different customers into a large plate, and make full use of the effective printing area of ​​the offset press to form batch and scale printing. Advantages, sharing printing costs together, achieving the purpose of saving plate making and printing costs, is a classic feature of current commercial printing.

The advantages of co-printing are low unit price and can be produced in small quantities, which can meet general brand communication commercial printing quality and print volume needs.

At present, there are generally business cards, color pages, and stickers for combined printed matter. Stickers are divided into die-cutting stickers and ordinary stickers. Business cards and color pages belong to traditional cutting objects, which are not difficult to operate. For self-adhesive products, we will also provide good solutions in terms of cutting knives and pressure control.

Since the products of the combined version are of different customers, the printed products must be cut and separated. For printing plants, to deliver different printed materials to different customers in the shortest time, customers need a batch of high-quality cutting machines, and then finish the cutting work as quickly as possible.


02 Guowang Group has 25 years of experience in the production of paper cutting machine industry. Aiming at the characteristics of co-printing, it has launched the leading domestic CIP4 cutting system, which has solved the problems of co-printing customers in the cutting process.

Guowang CIP4 cutting system has obvious advantages in the following aspects:
1. The analysis speed of JDF files is fast, no matter it is a complex or simple file, it can generate the most optimized cutting program in a very short time;
2. The generated files are highly maneuverable, and the steering and the number of cutting knives can achieve the most user-friendly processing.
3. The generated file has an animation guidance function to guide the operation of the cutting staff. Very humane.


Post time: Aug-09-2021